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A proposed class proceeding has been filed on behalf of consumers who paid certain fees to FedEx Canada in connection with shipments received for personal, family, or household purposes.

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This proposed class action has been brought on behalf of all individuals in Canada who paid an invoice from FedEx Canada that included charges for at least one of a “Clearance Entry Fee”, “Disbursement Fee”, or “Advancement Fee” in connection with a shipment received for personal, family or household purposes.

The action alleges that FedEx is violating consumer protection legislation by making misleading and deceptive representations regarding the fees it charges consumers who import goods into Canada. The main allegations are that FedEx fails to disclose the existence or amount of the fees it charges until after consumers have received a shipment, and misrepresents the nature of the fees by implying they are government-levied when in fact they are not.

The action seeks, among other things, to recover the fees from FedEx for consumers.

If you have imported goods into Canada using FedEx Ground Service and are interested in participating in the proposed class action or learning more about the proposed class action, please email your information.

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  1. What FedEx fees are included in the proposed class action?

    The fees that are the subject of the action are described in FedEx invoices provided to consumers who import goods into Canada using FedEx's Ground Service as: (i) an “Advancement Fee”/“Disbursement Fee”/“FedEx Reimbursement on Delivery Fee”; (ii) “Clearance Entry Fee”; or (iii) “HST on Disb/Ancillary Service Fees”.

  2. Who can participate in the proposed class action?

    All consumers in Canada who have paid Unsolicited Service Fees (as defined in the Statement of Claim) to FedEx.

  3. What should I do now?

    Keep any documents that relate to your payments of the Unsolicited Service Fees to FedEx when importing goods for non-business purposes into Canada using FedEx's Ground Service.

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