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A proposed class action has been filed on behalf of Canadian consumers who booked hotel accommodation on certain websites.

Case Details

The proposed class action has been brought on behalf of all of the following individuals in Canada:

  1. Individuals who booked, purchased and were charged for an accommodation reservation for non-business purposes on any of the following websites:
    •; and
  2. Individuals who were referred to one of the websites above from and who booked, purchased, and were charged for accommodation by that website for non-business purposes.

The action alleges that the Defendants, who are the companies that operate these websites, made false and misleading statements on their websites, including representations about the price and availability of hotel rooms, contrary to provincial consumer protection legislation and the federal Competition Act. For example, the action alleges that:

  • the Defendants' representations create the false impression that the search results displayed on their websites reflect objective results and fail to disclose (or fail to adequately disclose) that search results are significantly influenced by the fees that the Defendants earn from accommodation providers;
  • the Defendants create a false sense of urgency to induce consumers to book accommodations (e.g. stating "only 3 rooms left at this price!") when no such urgency actually exists; and
  • The Defendants advertise discounts that are not true discounts and employ misleading price comparisons, including comparing the current price to an alternative price that does not match the consumer's search criteria, including stay dates and room type.

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  1. What hotel booking websites are included in the proposed class action?

    • Referrals from to one of the above websites
  2. Who can participate in the proposed class action?

    All individuals in Canada who booked, purchased and were charged for an accommodation reservation for non-business purposes on one of these websites while certain alleged misrepresentations were being made.

  3. Do I need to do anything to join the proposed class action?

    No. The action has not yet been certified by the court. If it is certified, a person who fits within the court's definition of the class is automatically included in the class action unless he or she follows the court's instructions on how to be excluded.

  4. What should I do now?

    Keep any documents that relate to a booking, and charge, for any accommodation reservation for non-business purposes made on one of these websites.

    Complete the contact information form with any pertinent information to receive case updates.

James Bunting
Sean Campbell
Carlos Sayao
Theo Milosevic

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