A proposed class proceeding has been filed on behalf of all persons residing in Canada who purchased K-Cup pods and/or a Keurig-branded brewing machine.

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This class action has been brought on behalf of all persons residing in Canada who have purchased K-Cup pods and/or a Keurig-branded brewing machine during the period the Representations (as defined below and in the Statement of Claim) were being made.

The action alleges that Keurig Canada Inc., Keurig Green Mountain Inc., and Keurig Dr. Pepper, Inc. engaged in unlawful and unfair practices, including making false, misleading, deceptive, and unconscionable representations since 2017 about the “recyclability” of single-serve, single-use plastic beverage capsules known as K-Cup pods used in their Keurig-branded brewing machines (the “Representations”).

The action alleges that, among other things, the Representations are false, misleading, deceptive, and unconscionable because: (i) K-Cup pods are not accepted at most Canadian recycling facilities in Canada; (ii) those limited recycling facilities that accept K-Cup pods require that consumers take additional steps not disclosed by the Defendants to properly prepare the K-Cup pods for recycling so that they do not contaminate the entire recycling stream; and (iii) to the extent that appropriate recycling facilities exist and K-Cup pods are properly prepared for recycling, they are not actually recycled because there is no market to reuse K-Cup pods or convert them into a material that can be reused or used in manufacturing or assembling another item.

The action seeks, among other things, recovery of all amounts paid for K-Cup pods and/or Keurig-branded brewing machines during the period that the Representations were made and an order requiring the Defendants to stop claiming K-Cup pods are “recyclable”.

On January 4, 2023, Justice MacLeod of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Ottawa stayed the putative class proceeding commenced by Jagger Gordon against Keurig Canada Inc. and other Keurig corporate entities in favour of an overlapping proceeding brought against Keurig Canada Inc. by Nancy Buis in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. A copy of Justice MacLeod's decision can be found here. Consumer Law Group PC is counsel for the claim brought by Ms. Buis. Consumer Law Group's website providing details and updates about the claim against Keurig Canada Inc. can be found here.

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